One Punch Man vs My Hero Academia

I could go on for days about the super hero genre. Avengers Endgame just released yesterday after all. There are many anime that touch on this subject as well, Tiger and Bunny, My Hero Academia, One Punch Man, Dragon Ball Z, and more. They all at one point speak to the essense of what it … Continue reading One Punch Man vs My Hero Academia

One Punch Man! Season 2 Episode 3

I'm sure most of you have noticed the animation and art direction change from season 1, I know that I did but I don't really mind it much. The story of our hapless hero Saitama continues. He has befriended King, they now are hanging out daily playing video games, and having an S rank around … Continue reading One Punch Man! Season 2 Episode 3

New Anime Season!

Well I'm not sure if most of you are aware, however, Attack on Titan returns April 28th! I am thrilled, I knew it was confirmed for this month but I had not heard anything specific on the date. I know we still gotta wait a bit but it'll be here before you know it. Maybe … Continue reading New Anime Season!